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Mind Ya Mental Podcast

Apr 1, 2024

Dr. Dodson's insights offer valuable lessons on representation, cultural competency, and the necessity for mental health professionals to care for themselves while serving their communities. His dedication to making therapy accessible for black men and engaging with the broader community exemplifies the positive impact that dedicated professionals can have.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Representation in Mental Health: Dr. Dodson discusses the significance of being visible as a black male clinician. His experiences underscore the need for more black men in the mental health field to provide relatable care for those seeking therapy.

  2. Bridging the Gap: Highlighting the disparity between the rising symptoms of mental health issues among black men and the scarcity of black male therapists, Dr. Dodson talks about his commitment to expanding his practice to serve this community better.

  3. Cultural Safety in Therapy: Emphasizing the importance of cultural connection, Dr. Dodson shares how being open about his identity as a black man helps create a safe and trusting therapeutic environment.

  4. Entrepreneurship in Mental Health: The episode explores Dr. Dodson's journey of growing his practice while ensuring high-quality care, showcasing the entrepreneurial aspect of being a mental health professional.

  5. Community Engagement: Plans for more community-facing events are discussed as a way to educate and directly engage with the community, addressing the mental health needs of black men and beyond.

  6. Self-Care for Clinicians: Dr. Dodson touches on the importance of setting boundaries and recognizing personal limits to prevent burnout and maintain effective care.

  7. Educational Advocacy: The conversation underscores the role of education and advocacy in mental health, particularly for marginalized communities, and how it can empower individuals to seek support.

Dr. Justin Dodson's Bio:

Dr. Justin Dodson is the visionary behind Navigating Courage, Counseling & Consultation, LLC. Dodson and his team of mental health professionals, specifically focusing on adult males, prioritize the cognitive and emotional well-being of adult men through personalized coaching and therapy. Navigating Counseling & Consultation also provides consultation to organizations who are looking to implement crisis response training and expand the mental health services of their employees.

Dr. Dodson achieved the groundbreaking feat of being the first African American male to attain a Master’s in Counseling from Lipscomb University. Subsequently, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from The University of Memphis, solidifying his trailblazing legacy. In his book, "The Courage of a Single Freckle, Navigating Your Black," Dodson delves into the complex intersection of mental health, race relations, implicit and explicit bias, and identity development. Dr. Dodson has been featured in People Magazine, Refinery 29, and most recently, Teen Vogue. 

You can find Dr. Dodson on InstagramX, LinkedIn, and at his website

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