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Mind Ya Mental Podcast

Apr 1, 2024

In this episode of "Mind Your Mental," Dr. Raquel Martin explores how Black men can foster a more supportive environment for themselves and the role of therapy in breaking generational cycles of unmet needs and unhealthy patterns. The conversation delves into the importance of not letting one bad experience with therapy deter individuals from seeking help again, emphasizing therapy as a gift rather than a punishment.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships: Identifying signs of unhealthy dynamics, including physical aggression and the inability to express needs freely. The detrimental effect of having to navigate a partner’s mood and sacrificing personal interests for the sake of the relationship is highlighted.
  2. Encouraging Self-Advocacy: Stressing the need for Black men to recognize and advocate for their needs. Suggestions include engaging with supportive communities, understanding the role of therapy in generational healing, and the necessity of multiple therapy attempts if needed.
  3. Advice for Allies: Encouraging allies to acknowledge the struggles faced by Black men, engage in open and supportive conversations, and refrain from making assumptions about their experiences.

Dr. Justin Dodson's Bio:

Dr. Justin Dodson is the visionary behind Navigating Courage, Counseling & Consultation, LLC. Dodson and his team of mental health professionals, specifically focusing on adult males, prioritize the cognitive and emotional well-being of adult men through personalized coaching and therapy. Navigating Counseling & Consultation also provides consultation to organizations who are looking to implement crisis response training and expand the mental health services of their employees.

Dr. Dodson achieved the groundbreaking feat of being the first African American male to attain a Master’s in Counseling from Lipscomb University. Subsequently, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from The University of Memphis, solidifying his trailblazing legacy. In his book, "The Courage of a Single Freckle, Navigating Your Black," Dodson delves into the complex intersection of mental health, race relations, implicit and explicit bias, and identity development. Dr. Dodson has been featured in People Magazine, Refinery 29, and most recently, Teen Vogue. 

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